The Ultimate off road bicycle

So, why a gearbox fatbike?

Fatbikes are already proving a great tool for exploring just about any terrain, from snow to beach to mountain to singletrack trail and even road. 

Now this new frame and gearbox takes things to the next level, removing the chances of damage to your expensive gearing, removing the never ending maintenance required to keep things running smoothly but it is at a cost, not only the cost in money terms but the weight does go up. You have to way up the benefits against the negatives, yes its heavier but its bombproof and will work 247 no matter what, yes its expensive but you only buy it once and traditional drive trains are getting more and more expensive and fragile.

You may be the person  who buys a bike and aims to keep it for years, or just want to have a bike that will last and be trouble free, if so this is the bike for you.

Lastly, don't be put off by the fact its a fatbike, you can run fat tyres up to 5" or 29er tyres down to 2.2, you just need a spare wheels set. (We Offer this) so its truly a bike for everything.

Interested, read on below...


So we have taken the geometry from the Bow and introduced a gearbox into the build bringing together the longevity of titanium and the low maintence of the gear box, this delivers a true bike for many many miles and years of use in all conditions.

THE GearBox

The Pinion core technology is built around spur gearing. This provides high-precision shifting. Permanently reliable, wear-free, low maintenance. Pinion transmission delivers long-lasting performance and reliability perfectly suited to go with a fatbike. Centrally integrated in the bicycle frame and protected by an enclosed housing, the gearbox is the epitome of innovative bicycle drive technology.

The Packages

We offer the frame and gearbox as a package, you can choose the model of gearbox to suit your needs. 

The frames come in 4 sizes, small to extra large. Frames come with 197mm rear axle spacing as standard with the option of 177mm if you wish.

We offer 4 models of gearbox from the pinion range.

P1.18,  18 speed.

P1.12, 12 speed.

P1.9xr, 9 speed. 

C1.12, 12 speed. 

Gearbox Tech Info

The only gearbox on the market with 18 real gears. Offering a 636% gear range and evenly spread 11.5% step in gear ratio. 

Built for all mountain riding, adventure touring and every environment.


Slightly lighter the P1.12 combines the benefits of the P1.18 while its wide range exceeds the performance of modern 2×10 derailleur transmissions. 

Again built to take on the most tough of terrain and condition but with a reduced gear range at 600% and a 17.7% step in gear ratio.

The 9 speed P1.9xr gearbox  is ideal for MTB trails with rapid changes of terrain topography. The P1.9XR with a 568% gear range it still offers a larger spread than SRAM Eagle, perfect for the everyday mountain biker.

Slightly larger steps between gears at 24.3%

The C - Line is a slightly more affordable gearbox offering the same internals as the P1.12 but in a magnesium casing rather than the CNC of th P-Line.

Frame and gearbox Pricing

P1.18 - £3600

P1.12 - £3500

P1.9xr - £3400

C1.12 - £3000

If you wish to purchase your frame and gearbox online you can do so on the Slam69 website here

If you would rather see what you are buying you can come into our shop in Gloucestershire, see map below.

Complete Bikes

With this level of bike we recommend coming to see us where you can try a bike before making your mind up, We can then discuss the spec of your bike and make sure you are getting the bike you desire

The complete we have featured is a high spec version, with carbon wheels, bars, Hope hubs and other finishing gear. As an example the price for this build is £7066.00.

We will have other specs shortly with pricing.

Want to know more about Pinion?

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